Best friends Till the End

April 15, 2010
Through all the laughs,
You’ve been through it all.
Through all the tears,
You’ve dried them all.

The love and& happiness you’ve given me,
Is like my own taste of heaven always with me.
You’re the one person, who can make me smile,
With tears in my eyes.

Sometimes in friendship,
You learn to let go.
And prepare to pick up the pieces,
They leave behind.

But, I’ll always be there for you,
Like you’ll always be there for me.
With you, by my side,
I know everything can be right.

You were there from the beginning,
You’re there to the end.
I couldn’t live without my best friends,
No one could ever completely replace them.

No matter where this world takes us,
We will always be best friends till the end.

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