Cupid's Arrow

April 15, 2010
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Cupid’s Arrow

Cupid’s arrow stings,
Cupid’s arrow hurts.
Cupid’s arrow pierced my heart,
And then I fell in love.

Cupid made me love him,
Cupid made him love me too,
But Cupid has a cruel mind,
And Cupid took the love away.

Cupid pinned us together as one,
Then cupid let him go.
Leaving me here all alone,
To survive all alone.

Now he left and I’m alone,
And the piercing arrow hurts severely.
Because Cupid made me love him,
And Cupid will not take the love away.

Curse you Stupid Cupid,
For infecting my heart,
For making me love someone,
Who only ever hurt me.

Why me, Cupid?
Why couldn’t it be someone else?
Because stupid Cupid, with the arrow through my heart,
I don’t think I can survive.

With this piercing pain going through my soul,
I only have one choice.
To live with the pain of losing him.
Thanks a lot Stupid Cupid, I’m finally giving into you.

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