Creamy Delight

April 15, 2010
By Lauren Woyke BRONZE, Roslyn, Washington
Lauren Woyke BRONZE, Roslyn, Washington
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A single cold flake
floats down the sky.
My gaze becomes fixed
on it as it blows by.
My breath swirls upward
lifting on the breeze,
As my mind drifts away
from that wondrous scene.

What, do you ask,
could I be thinking?
What's more exciting
than the first snow of the year?
Well, let me tell you
that I'm thinking about drinking
That steamy sweet drink
that will finally be here.

The little white drops
surround me now,
But I barely notice;
I hardly slow down.
I race up the street
heading toward my house,
Then dash across the driveway quiet as a mouse.

I've waited and waited
all the year long,
For the chilly autumn rain
to finally be gone.
For then, and only then,
does it truly mean
That Christmas time has come
and with it, that delicious thick cream!

I throw the door open;
I kick off my shoes;
I hurry to the dining room;
and forget all my blues.
Then my mother appears,
gives me a look of knowing,
Then slowly walks away.
But I know where she's going.

My head is now swimming.
Oh, how long it's been!
Since the last time I remember tasting that drink from heaven.
My mother's now back
with a plastic gallon jug.
She then begins to pour it
right into my mug.

The delicious sweet aroma
now surrounds my cup.
I reach out to grab it,
but my mother picks it up.
I watch her in astonishment
as she calmly walks away
With that drink, my drink,
that I've been waiting for all day.

When she comes back,
my mug in her hand
With steam rising from it,
do I then understand.
She sets it down before me;
I lift it to my frozen lips,
And the heat begins to soothe them
as I take my first sips.

The sweet richness
I taste at last,
As I drink, and drink,
and gulp it down fast.
I then decide
to slow down some,
When I remember one cup a day, only one.

I roll it over my tongue,
It slides down my throat,
Warming every inch of me:
more effective than a coat.
I make note of the way
the solid warmth lingers
In my mouth, in my throat,
even tingling my thawing fingers.

I look deep into my mug:
I see swirls of yellow and white.
What ingredient so perfect
can make this creamy delight?
Of course there is vanilla,
that adds to the drink.
There's even a sprinkle
of nutmeg, I think.

As I suck up the last
of that liquid silk,
I just can't get enough
of heaven's true milk;
The drink that comes 'round
only once a year.
The thick richness of Eggnog:
It's finally here!

The author's comments:
Well, truthfully this was a school assignment about 7 months back; my first Creative Writing assignment actually. So it's not like I just sat down, and this came to me just like that. I was supposed to write about a food, and describe it using all of my senses. So I thought, "What flavor is so good that I just can't get enough of?" Well, the answer was obvious. Eggnog! Duh. ;) So I just sat down and started to write. And out came this fun long piece of work. It was my first true poem I ever wrote, and started my love of writing poetry.

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