doomed for eternity

April 15, 2010
i'm in a trench,
that is filled with boredom.
i'm dying of,
lack of food.
lack of fun,
and excitement.

i was sent,
to this trench.
the intention of those,
who have doomed me,
to this horrible place.

the impression on,
leaving me here to die,
forever doomed,
with no life.
with nothing,
to look foward to.

i have nothing,
only fish that swim.
swimming by me,
without any notice.
not even a little,
bit curious of me.
taking no notice,
to an invader.

i've been in a crack,
in a rock wall.
it seems like,
its been hours.
i'm hiding,
from a great white.

a creature of evil,
caught sight of me.
i caught a glimpse,
of its eye.
within it i see,
its intention of,
killing me.

i swim away,
thanking the lord,
that i have a place to hide.
lucky to not be bleeding,
and waiting for it to leave.

i peak my head out to see,
and made a terrible mistake...
for now i am,
gone for eternity.
doomed to roam,
the seas endlessly.

this beast has,
tricked me greatly.
and has the satisfaction,
of having me,
for dinner...

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