The Wanderer

May 3, 2010
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As the Shadows soon shall fade,
This tainted man still remains.
Confused and Covered in Doubt,
Walking Alone his heart does shout.

A tale of Sorrow he tells.
While the recess in his mind yells.
Solace from the Shadows embrace,
Hide the scars of this tormented Face.

Ashamed by the light flashes of;
The lies you told me about love.
You did not share this feeling of Pain.
For your soul has vanished like the Rain.

Wandering through this life at last,
Frozen in time at the eyes of his past.
The muscles in his body do not shake
But the blood within his heart does quake.

Breathless is the air that fills my lungs,
And puts and end to this life of shame.

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