Red Chains

May 3, 2010
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Red chains kept me captive in the world of the free
?And even though I wished I had no key ?
As I gazed at time and space through the glass door?
And laid my chains on the hard marble floor?
I knew what was going on even if it was not happening to me?
And even when I heard of all the risks
I Knew that it was where i needed to be?
To fill the empty abyss that possessed my being
And yet I couldn't believe what I was seeing
?Death despair war and hate?
But underneath this hell was there a better fate?
?At times I was grateful for the red chains that were protecting me out of love?
But they kept me from seeing the world above?
After days of struggle they cuffs finely gave in?
And my journey to the world was about to begin
?As I walked into the bright burning sun that hung over the vast plain
?I wondered if I would be able to keep sane
?For I saw a sight that was like no other?It was a child being held by its mother
?The woman was beautiful young and glowing?
And at that point I had this knowing?
That in this world there was a small bit of hope
?And that I would be able to cope
?I would fight for the truth, beauty, and love?
With the help of the Almighty lord above?
And one day I know I will succeed
?Because it is what this world really needs
?Who am I you might ask yourself
?I am but the dreamer if nothing else

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