i am who i am

May 3, 2010
By JORDAN_23 BRONZE, Moore, Oklahoma
JORDAN_23 BRONZE, Moore, Oklahoma
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I am who I am
Do you know what I’m saying?
Me is who I want to be
Do you see?
That god made us individuals
With the visuals
To be independent
That’s why I’m spitting it
Out hard like a rocker on a guitar.
Me I’m a star!
Aint got no fancy car but,
I got me, and I got god,
And I see that I can go far.
So can you just be who you are
Follow your dreams follow your heart
You’ll have people scream with pride
From seeing what you are
That you, you’re your own star
See be you be true
That’s me don’t you see
That I don’t want to be you.
Not even you. I’m going to be me.
That’s what you say. You’re independent
And keep it that way, just remember that ok?
God doesn’t make mistakes
He makes winds and earth quakes.
He made land and sea,
And he made you. He made you to be you.
To stay true to never loose in life
Get your self a wife and kids and live and succeed.
Being you is all you need to do.
Work hard go far never give up! You remember this
When your old and cold, and telling your grandkids this.
Be you be true follow your dreams follow your heart
You’ll have people scream with pride
You’re a star don’t need a fancy car
Because you have you, you got god, you got determination,
And work hard.
Stay true and go far!

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