My Life

May 3, 2010
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The freshly cut green grass has a scent that cannot be forgotten.

Along with the newly painted foul lines and a swiftly dragged infield,

This ball field shines from down the road as the bright lights shine upon

The field of dreams.

The sun falls in the distance over the wall in left field.

The reflection shines on the bleachers,

Making it unbearable

To look at.

The cool winter air fills the fenced-in field

And a steady breeze whips the flags behind the dugout; home.

Any other day, the field would be ready for play,

But on this day,

It’s just the field and me.

I remember the times past:

Winning state titles with my teammates,

The ups and the downs,

The relationships built with my 16 brothers for over 8 years now, and

I am prepared for this.

WE are prepared for this.

The mound under my feet is

Where I live.

My sanctuary,

My companion,

I know everything about it.

Every rock in the clay, the white rubber’s feel,

It’s my most peaceful place;

I am a bee,

this is my hive.

I am king,

this is my throne.

But WE are a team!

WE are a family!

WE run this!

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