High School Poem

May 3, 2010

One word to describe high school is big!
As a sophomore in high school I would know!
I apologize if you think I sound like a pig.
But in high school you need to learn to lie low!

There are different types of teachers,

those who care and those who don’t.
Some teachers may seem like creatures!
But the teachers you know care about you won’t.

Class time can sometimes seem like a joke.
Many students slack off and don’t take class time seriously.
When looking around in class you see many people have just awoke.
However some get by with decent grades mysteriously.

The teenagers at high school look forward to lunchtime
in the morning students often countdown to when it’s time for lunch.
When finally dismissed to they get a little frustrated when seeing the lines!
Picking a table to sit at can be tough too and sometimes they have to bunch!

Homework is an eight letter word that is foreign to many students.
Some teenagers think sitting and doing nothing in class is cool.
I think the slackers in school must have issues with their parents.
I don’t think the idlers in class know that in the future they will look like a fool.

Summer is word that makes all high school students giddy!
The reason why they put up with going to school is to wait around for summer.
The last few days are crucial to try to look extra trendy.
Summer is really exciting and a big thrill when it finally comes, but the last day of school can be a bummer!

The author's comments:
The poem I wrote was about high school. I decided to do a poem about high school because it is something that my friends and me can easily relate to. It was a fun poem to do. :)

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