When I Met You

May 3, 2010
Before I met you,
There was darkness all around me.
It was nothingness that enveloped me,
Draped me as I silently
When I met you,
The darkness opened up and showed a little speck of
That was the first time,
I met you.
You would talk to me everyday,
And keep me company,
And slowly, the speck got bigger,
And bigger,
And bigger;
Until it went from the size of a pinhole,
To the size of a baseball,
Like the one we tossed back and forth
And I would wait patiently everyday to see
Your shining face.
But one day,
You didn’t come to see me.
You didn’t come and keep me company.
I waited,
And waited,
And waited,
For you to come back to me.
I tried to count the days that you weren’t with me,
But I stopped after 300.
Because if I counted more than that,
It would do nothing but hurt.
I watched that good sized light in the darkness of my world,
Slowly close up and shrink
From the size of a baseball to the size of a
And I couldn’t do anything but watch as it finally closed up,
Becoming the darkness around me again.
I waited even after those days I counted,
And thought about what might have happened if you were with me.
My only explanation for what happened to you was,
I simply lost you;
Like those times we played hide-and-go-seek.
And when I looked everywhere but couldn’t find you,
In the darkness of my world,
And started to worry,
And started to cry,
There you’d be;
Smiling and saying,
‘Here I am!’
And I would look up,
Flooded with relief that you came back.
I simply lost you,
And couldn’t find you again.
You had given me something that I have lived without for so long,
Something that I didn’t want
So that if it was crushed,
It wouldn’t hurt me,
Because I didn’t have any.
But you gave me that thing,
The thing that made me wait patiently everyday
For you to come out and say,
‘Here I am!’
So I would be flooded with relief again:
I never saw you again.
But I will tell you about what happened to me.
Throughout those days in my life I have waited for you,
Someone else came.
With him he brought a light as small as a
And slowly, that light got bigger
And bigger
And bigger;
Until it went from the size of a pin,
To the size of a baseball,
Like the one we’d play with by ourselves.
One day,
He brought another light with him.
The next day,
He brought one more.
And one more for each day for
11 days.
My world had become light with only one dark spot,
As big as a baseball.
That was the first time I felt truly

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