I Am Quiet, Listening

May 3, 2010
By CountTheShadows GOLD, Fayetteville, Arkansas
CountTheShadows GOLD, Fayetteville, Arkansas
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"Every living creature on the Earth is special. You wanna be the one that puts an end to one of them?"
Tolerance + Human Decency = Peace

I am quiet, listening.
I wonder who I will someday be.
I hear the muted sounds of the world,
I see the dulled sights.
Iwant to explore them.
I am quiet, listening.

I pretend like I can soar.
I feel like time goes too fast.
I touch the roughness of the earth
I worry about the end
I cry for family members past
I am quiet, listening.

I understand that life goes quickly
I say not much, but think
I dream of the days to come
I try to do what I'm meant to do
I hope to find what that is, someday.
I am quiet, listening.

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