This is why God invented paper

May 3, 2010
By silverbookslayer GOLD, Upper Marlboro, Maryland
silverbookslayer GOLD, Upper Marlboro, Maryland
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Favorite Quote:
"To know my deed, t'were best not to know myself"-Macbeth

Sometimes I feel the need to spill out my heart to someone.
Just to get it out and feel the pressure leave my shoulders,
but I don't want the inquiry.

I just want to spill my heart out,
but not be judged or criticized.

Sometimes I want to rip out my heart and show it to someone,
anyone who will understand.
but I can see a big red sign hanging over the person telling me that this is not the right person to tell....
So I just put my heart back inside,
and bottle up what I feel.

I guess you can't tell everyone you r feelings.
Maybe that's why God invented paper :)

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