May 3, 2010
By Anonymous


They think that I can't hear them
They think that they are whispering
Maybe they are
But what they are saying about me
They might as well be shouting

They think that what they are saying is true
But it's not
They're lies
All of them

Why must they do this to me
What did I ever do to them
Who started this string of rumors
That hurt me so much
That make me cry at night

Even if they apoligize
Which they never will
I will never be the same
They've scarred me too deep
They've marked their words in my head
I will never forget

Now they look over their shoulders
And see that I am there
Standing right behind them
Watching Them

Then all start laughing
Their laughter burns my ears
It makes my scar bleed
As they dig it deeper
Can't they stop already

Now everyone is joining in
Surrounding me
All of them laughing
All of them pointing

"I'm begging you!"

They do not stop
My pleas just make them laugh louder
I fall to the ground
Ears covered
Crying, begging

The author's comments:
When my friends made me upset, I wrote this. It is VERY extremely exaggerated but it's one one my best works

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