My Mother's Day

May 3, 2010
For most mothers, Mother’s Day is a day to appreciate what mothers give to their children. It’s a day for the mother to rest and spend quality time with her children and husband. But for me, my mom, and three brothers, Mother’s Day is one of the hardest days of the year for us. Twelve years ago on Mother’s Day weekend, my dad died of cancer. I was just two years young. Now every year for Mother’s Day, instead of being happy, we are very sad and emotional. I feel sorry for my mom. Mother’s Day is her day. But now it is the day her true love past away. So I wrote this poem for her:
You are s ingle mother
You take care of four
You’re always at the store
Buying more
You are always tired
And almost expired
By the end of a long day’s work
And still manage to give us food and a fork
Waking up at midnight
To make sure the bed bugs didn’t bite
You like old fashion movies
And my homemade cookies
You take me to soccer practice
When you’d rather be in your palace
And you do all this ‘cause you can
That’s why
You’re the woMAN!
I love you!

Love always,

Laura Lu<3

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