Misunderstood Love for a Stranger

May 3, 2010
By , Toledo, OH
I’ve been misunderstood and he’s the blame
For nine months my mom had severe pains
And you ask me who’s to blame
Really, I think you should be ashamed
Once a tear came
But I wipe my eye’s clean, for theirs no emotion from a true G
Your love is a sacrifice and my life is not a smile
My heart is doing laps and running miles
To find a home and a match
But now my heart is locked and theirs no key to this hatch
A batch of sadness I must move on
For my love for you is long gone
I thought that you were the perfect match
Look into my eyes and their isn’t a doubt
I should be the happiness that you mount
But you look away from the light
And see who’s not bright
You took a step and fell down
But what you don’t realize is that your daughters heart is the sky,
And now I will end this poem by saying bye
For my love for a stranger
has my whole heart endangered.

The End

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