Postion, Breathe, Go

May 3, 2010
By Elise Robinson BRONZE, Hampton, New Jersey
Elise Robinson BRONZE, Hampton, New Jersey
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I’m ready to go, I’m
Ready to put my training to the test, as
My teammates put all their confidence in me, just
Me, like they believe I can take the blue with no problems,
But I can’t, it’s too much to handle, I can hear
Their deep breaths as if they were my own, one
Girl goes, Julie W. She fouls. Second girl goes, Meghan B.
She fouls too. Even
More thoughts race through my mind
I must be up to thousands, do I go for it and suck up the pain, or
Do I take it easy and disappoint what seems to be everyone, I
Have no time for thoughts like this. I must go for it. I can hear
That a third girl, Kat B., is putting her Nikes to the test, racing
To the sand quicker than I think I can go, we all
Look up instantly at the screams – she’s hurt.
She’s worked so much longer and harder than I, and I know it, she
Doesn’t deserve to fall and be disqualified.
She is pulled away by the Hunterdon County Paramedics, the
Fourth girl is ready to go, there
Are only six of us, she
Runs, she
Jumps, she
Flies through the air, we
All know that she is not very good and we
All know that the lengths of the jumps are low, my
Teammates are on me more than ever with
This chance staring me in my eyes, reaching into my soul, being
In my each and every thought as if it were my only
I have to go for it, I
Have no other choice, this
Is my chance, that
One chance that people get after they go for something over
And over again, that one chance standing right there waiting,
For them to grab it, that
One moment where you just have to breathe and go.

The author's comments:
Long jump motion poem assigned by my language arts teacher.

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