May 3, 2010
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i want it
so much that i feel i need it
i might not seem it;
but i feel hurt without it

Nobody knows it, but that's me,
You don't have to be betrayed '
but just not thought of; i would know,
like feeing the passion around you, but no one being able to see it in you

the drive of strong willing feelings
the beating of your heart
i don't know te exact stomach twisting feeling, not like i ever will,
but i truly wish i could, it's something other than hate

don't you juts hate, hate
i live with hate and rash
thought it sounds bad, i've learned to love and rely on it,
once you can do that you're good. it makes me get over my lack of love or passion. It makes me realize that the ones who take my tears as a weakness and my imperfections as huge flaws, my insecurities as dramatic thoughts in my mind and my deep emotions as just more imperfections; aren't worth showing my perfections, and aren't worth crying over - but that the ones who are worth it arethe ones who take my imperfections as things that make me, well, me.

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