Life and Lies

May 3, 2010
Life and Lies are the best of companions,
Rumors, Gossip, and Dislike are their feast.
Darkness and Contempt are their parents,
While Malicious Behavior is their mentor.
Torture is their method of choice;
Whilst Anger is their motivation.
Life being the epitome of this relationship,
Lies can not exist without it,
Yet this is not reciprocal.
Beauty is the sister of Life,
Grace, Love and Loyalty are their cousins.
Peace is the hall, in which they dwell,
And Forgiveness is the only one to condemn.
These Beings are everlasting,
Which is not so with Thee Abhorred few.
Yet lacking in these cardinal comforts,
Life has but chores and burdens.
Why then does Life consort with such?
How comes it by these unkindly fellows?
Dare Life flit so close to those Evils?
Will Flames lick and contaminate this blessed Child?
Grand Design knows of all threats to this mere babe,
And entices Righteousness to come from its throne.
This it does and parts the Seas of Antagonism.
A Sea of blood and bone from Righteousness itself.
Life stands resolute in the gap between the Sea’s walls,
Unable to bring about its release.
Wishing for its sake it could grow wings,
And escape the persecution of Thee Abhorred.
Now comes the test of Life’s hidden friends.
For Trust and Hope alone can save it now,
Unchanging and constant are these.
This Child must cling to them,
Forgetting its flighty ways,
For They will part if provoked.
The Hour of Desertion or otherwise draws near…
The answer for this Child is not yet known,
Its salvation is at hand.
We must direct it to either the Right and into bliss,
Or the Left and into shadow.
Into the hands of Thee Abhorred and their Methods,
Or will Life be given over to Freedom,
And all its Righteous Companions once again

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