May 3, 2010
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In the center of an open fragrant, grassy field, I quietly lay on my back
Facing the night sky, streaked with ribbons of stars, illuminated by the illustrious moon
Silence envelopes me, and loneliness consumes me
My mind is far from peace
Through the foggy mist of my own hazy thoughts, comes realization
The light of the world around me being the very epitome of grace, and I find
myself unworthy to be apart of such wonder
When has my life been of use to others?
Whilst I relentlessly debased my moral character?
Times where I deliberately defied all blessed knowledge and sacred reason?
When I was a drunkard, lapping up lies of invincibility, perfection, and self
At what point in time did I actually believe that through possesion of control over
my life, made me a virtuous old soul?
Contempt coursed through my now restless body
Who was I to be of such an importance?
When softly you announced your unceasing presence, with a gentle sigh of a
phrase holding all love and righteous truth in it's grasp
You are mine I claim you from the very death of time, and lift you out of
those murky depths
And I Love you

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