Typical Saturdays

May 3, 2010
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I hear the gun make its usual popping sound.
My pulse quickens.
My breath heaves.
I break into a sweat.
The wind forces my pony tail to flip in every direction.
My muscles contract and release, pushing me closer to my destination.
The clock is ticking away.
Parts of songs repetitively flash through my mind as
I dodge branches and other hazards through out the woods.
In the background I hear shouts and cheers, which push me harder.
I find thrill in passing people.
I have a surge of energy as I near the finish.
I can smell victory, just a stride away.
I cross the line.
It all catches up with me.
Sweat pours off of my body.
My breath heaves more than before.
I can feel my heart in my throat.
Then my pulse slows,
I catch my breath,
and I cool down.
It's over until next Saturday.

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