May 2, 2010
By , New York, NY
Depression is the thief of my happiness.
Loving you would have been the death of me if i had continued
You put me on that path of sadness
And for i grew weaker everyday.
horrid ways of emotions that filled my very soul, making me weak where ever i was to go
This feeling of depression i tell you it's just this wave of sadness and a lost of yourself, to let such people put you in that predicament.
Some times I wish my heart to open and bloom like the prettiest flower,yet days of sadness dread and gloom fill every corner of the space i inhabit.
My eyes lay heavy when i look at tears sparkle when they run down my cheeks.
Depression is ones silent forest, for it so obvious but only they can hear their pain.
Hair loss, weight gain, misery, all the same.
Wicked ways and evil laughs filled the room, I shatter glass.
Scary dreams, of an evil me..rope in hand, window open
Ah last i awaken in a heart pumping sweat. Depression is as simple as that.
No secrets no gold, nor a happiness to uphold.
And depression is the thief of my happiness.

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