Rain Of Sadness

May 2, 2010
aying on my bed, looking out the window
Watching flowers bloom and birds chirp
Laughter filling the out side streets of happy children
But i stayed inside to affraid to ever go out
To feel the world beyond my walls, to only have it taken away
To let you in and give your everything! Always stripping me away till there is nothing left to take
And then...you leave. With the messy hair and rain of sadness
My tears are rain, and i am sad. Torn that you can never, we'll be another...Just another fairy tale
I will never forget the days we once had, the days of your gentle touch, the days your soft lips brushed against mine.
I snapped back to reality and see that it was only a tease
My mind used to tell me we'd be together forever, someday...maybe?
The feelings I know I have for you will never go, well not a this particular moment
I wish I could take back that one regretful day... when i told you i I Love You
Rain of sadness, when i cry it rains, and it drains all emotions from me.
I cant move nor feel, I'll sit here silently remembering all the memories we once shared
And i will whisper to myself Rain Of Sadness, for it will rain all the time. Tears of the clouds, blue like the sound of my heart.

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