Princess Of Dried Roses

May 2, 2010
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Playing on a backwords beat, shes afraid, afraid to lose me.
So terrifed, that one day I'll get up and leave.
That I'll never be the girl she thinks.
Can she live up to my beleifs?
Could this be it?
Wont I know for sure if this is the real thing?
Nobody ever said how long it takes.
Afraid of messing up, and taking all the blame.
When she takes it apont her self to feel this way.
How can I help you, if you don't know how to help me?
I can build your tower higher.
But if you keep smashing in the bricks, the whole things bound to fall over.
I'll let you in, if you can figure out how.
Finding myself, in a similar situation.
Out of control, afraid to hold on.
When you can't walk on your own two feet, how can you expect to walk besides someone?
What does commitment mean to you?
I'm lost, and its your fault.
Make me feel better because I cannot.
I miss you because you have my heart.
Take mine back so I can hold on so tight to yours, it brakes apart.
On the table, smashed into dust with a hammer.
Pieces fly across the kitchen tile.
With something so great, its easy to destroy.
The doors suck your princess out, as they shut you can't escape from your self.
So easy to pick, and rip, and manipulate.
Turning like clay, to whatever you may, desire or need.
With a rose in your hand, you drop it to the floor.
Dryed up from your own self pitty.
And yet, you still want to kiss me?
I should have walked away, saying this isn't right.
You don't deserve to look at me.
Secretly, wanting to drain the blood from my vains.
For just a momment of light, in your mind.
I'll push you back.
As far as I can from my haven as I possibly can.
But your lurking, around every corner.
Two is better then one, so please.
Give me the power, the power to destroy this boy.
The power to cut the last string of energy, connecting me.
Let the petals flow away from him.
And back to whare they belong.

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