Human Knots Don't Fade

May 2, 2010
By , Cambridge, VT
With his heart, their grace and mind.
He wants yours the same way you want mine.
This is all the proof.
The ashes burn hearts,
Why the rain stops.
If it was me talking,
You would have already said goodbye.
The contrasts are clear.
Eyes wide open.
Yet you still are unable to see,
The feelings,
There the same here.
Hes leaving, and soon I will too.
Its all about what you believe.
The way I handle things,
Is all thanks to you.
For the way you treat me,
He speaks these words to me,
When he crosses the boarders,
Just think of all the opportunity's their'll be for me.
Oh, I'm sure he'll be replaced too.
Just another one to fill up her taste.
She doesn't mean to?
Its all in her face.
Backs turn
Someday, you know you'll have to live without me.
I'm the first to go,
As we all fall
In different places, but in all the same ways.
Untie the knot you tangled me and him in.
Before I cut myself free.

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