My Joshua Tree

May 2, 2010
By Snowy PLATINUM, Cambridge, Vermont
Snowy PLATINUM, Cambridge, Vermont
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Excuse me??

I'm bleeding from your front step
No ones home
I'm alone
Invisible to the world
I put my shield around me
Pushing my feelings out
They explode as
I call out to you
For you to chose,
Because I've already made my decision.
Brick houses start ticking
And I can feel the friction
I'm freezing,
But should I be cold?
With layers of clothes.
I still shiver from the noise.
The letters flow
Straight to you
My head hangs down
For in a moment's notice
Like a ghost you appear before
If that message worked,
Why won't the others?
The hundreds of others I sent by express
They come back to me
In failure notes
In big BOLD letters.
My world falls down in this puddle
My reflection gleams
And I take a trip
Deep beneath
Inside my heart
Inside my soul
The Joshua tree is covered
In black moss
Filled with broken hearts
Its rotting
Its dieing
The leaves are falling
Hes gone...
..A friend I was sure
I'd keep forever
Won't ever be apart of me again
The forest grows dim,
Because the tree
Won't grow again.
At this point
I don't know what we are
Ware we've been
Or even who you are.
The mist from the lake separates.
And I know who I am
What I want.
All we know together
Is that somehow we are one.
So different, but so alike.
Were meant to learn something here.
I just don't know what.

The author's comments:
For my friend who I'll miss dearly

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