Connecting With Music Me

May 2, 2010
By Anonymous

Tell a story with every beat
Chimes, clanks, hums, and whistles
Drop the evidence and state the truth
If its fact
Nothings left to question
Make me believe
In your motions
In your dreams
Bring them to life
Fill it with creativity
Masks fall
And skin gleams
Points and arrows
Bring me back around again
Get me engaged
Let me blossom with every intake
Perspectives fly
Minds reflect
You have a past to create on
So let the future take its rightful place
Heads of raidos
Picks made of silver
Dirty shins
Weekends full of vampire nights
Give a topic
And let them exploit
Explore the lands
The relms of imagination
No proccess involved
Look at a world with no time
No being
No scents
Don't be afraid
Were small
Apart of something big
With limmited power
Power we can't understand
The world is how you see it
Be free
Be sure
As far as you can
Take a trip
Into the unknown
To your own being
See how were all connected here?

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