May 2, 2010
I am just waiting for you
Hoping what you say is true
Please believe me too
When I say all I want is you
Temptation has subsided
And I have finally decided
You're everything I need

You make me so happy
And these last couple years
I have felt so crappy…
You're what's missing from my life

Put aside those hurtful fears
I'll wipe away all of your tears
If you ever need me babe
I will be there

If it's him you love that’s fine
I'll just leave for the last time
Just tell me because it's not fair
I'm just wondering if I can't compare

I'd treat you so much better
Like take you to the mall
And buy you a cute sweater
Babe, you would have it all

I promise I'm not going to hurt you
If I did, I'd be hurt too
I've said it many times before
And I'll say it plenty times more
You're amazing

I like you the way you are
You're beautiful inside and out
You'd be good for me
Without a single doubt

This poem isn't all that good
I hope it hits you the way it should
The point I'm trying to make is
I just really can't take this
I can't get you out of my mind
So I'll ask just this last time
Shelby, will you be mine?

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