I Know That (Dear Bryce,)

May 2, 2010
By , Princeton, IL
There is only one sad truth I hold regretfully in my life,
And no mater how hard I wished it to be true
Or no matter how hard I forced it to be false
I will always and forever love you
This you know just as well as I do.
You called my bluff in those months of those charades
And without sadness you chose to ignore me
The pain of it happening so quickly
Beat me like my skull to a wall
And I acted like I got better
But the headaches only got worse
No matter how hard I tried
I couldn’t get you out of my head
You knew this.
It kills me inside to have to hate loving you
No madder how many girls I meet
You will always rise above them.
In the back of my head I hear your whisper
“I love you”
When I close my eyes
I see your beautiful face
Eyes carved from emeralds
Teeth etched from pearls
Hair woven from silk
Epitome of beauty
When I open my eyes, darkness
And you slowly disappear into that darkness
My arms, to slow to grab you.
You know that you must walk away
Because as the heartbreaking love story this is
We both know that I was meant to be with you
And you’re my soul mate.
We know that.
While you,
Were never meant to love me
And I know that.

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