love intervention.

May 2, 2010
By funnymunny93 BRONZE, Atlanta, Georgia
funnymunny93 BRONZE, Atlanta, Georgia
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it was you triggering my internal lamentation
the process slowly leading me to morose altercation
eyes wide shut forcing you to pay no attention
shutup and listen to my silent cries for a love intervention
see its your pride, the curtosey rules you cant abide
the reason i hide these tears i cried
but your downfall was me, bury my heart at wounded knee
never again would i allow your sneaking around to be okay
as long as you loved me and decided to stay
i was blinded by your beautiful frame, the one that drove me insane
when you said my name
i love how you touched me and kissed me, told me you missed me
the way u assist me, when i needed to make special relationship history
i took you back time and time again, the first to mold and bend, the first to make amends
because only i know how you made me feel, because our lust sealed the deal
am i foolish?
no, i am proud, to show it so loud
look at me i stand now
here today, here to say
the ONLY reason i look DOWN is because i know i stand on my OWN two feet
because i am not weak and this is not defeat
because you are you, and i am me
this is my love altercation for this terrible war
bullet for my valentine, suit me up and open the door
but wait -pause
this is where fact is distinguesed from fiction
signed sincerely...this my love intervention

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on Oct. 13 2011 at 11:13 am
Basketball23 SILVER, Pine Grove, Pennsylvania
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This is absolutely amazing!!!  If this actually relates to you, I'm really sorry.  But I can tell that you wrote this from within because it just flows so well.  Make sure you never let anyone take over your life, I almost let that happen, but now I can see what I need to.  This is a great poem!  I love it <3


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