May 2, 2010
By brindiesel1127 GOLD, Norristown, Pennsylvania
brindiesel1127 GOLD, Norristown, Pennsylvania
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you know what i miss,
the sweet taste of your kiss,
the smell of your perfume,
as you entered the room,
you know what i crave,
the way you behave,
the fun things that you say,
you smile a certain way,
if only i could be,
or possibly just see,
you smile one more time
no matter the climb,
i would be glad,
but it is just too bad,
that i am just alone,
and my how you have grown,
i am not mad,
in fact, i am just sad,
i know that you are happy
but i feel awefully crappy,
but it is in the past,
what we had couldn't last
now now this is goodbye
so please, don't reply

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