At Peace

May 2, 2010
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During the midst of practice: left side
To right side, moving forward and back,
Yet again to the left side,
And jumping up to reach.
Fielding the ball with a quick release,
Firing it over to first.
Next play, next play.
Here it comes, forcing her to dive
Into the dirt like a pig in a mud puddle.
She grabs it without a problem,
A throw from the knees,
You’re out of there!-
Continuous movement,
The more fluent the better.
The next hit cracks off the bat,
She hustles to beat it to the spot.
Quick! To the right side it’s headed.
Soft hand, one-two, throw.
The ball pops when it hits the receiving glove.
The sweat drips off her,
Soaking her tee shirt,
Making her skin glisten.
Hit after hit,
She finally makes a mistake.

Walking over to fetch the ball,
Breathing in- breathing out.
Just relax, it happens to everyone.
Time to start over.
Left side to right side,
Moving forward and back.
Occasionally having to jump.
Hard work and effort finally pays off,
A field,
A place that she calls home,
Here… she is at peace.

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