May 1, 2010
By Wonderland. SILVER, Corona, California
Wonderland. SILVER, Corona, California
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Favorite Quote:
"What's the use of their having names," the Gnat said, "if they won't answer to them?" "No use to them," said Alice; "but it's useful to the people that name them, I suppose. If not, why do things have names at all?"

Let your body lift up.

Oh, majestic dragon,
Take me to the skies.
Lift my soul high above the tree tops.
Let my eyes shine down
Brighter than the stars

Oh, majestic dragon.
Take me to another world.
Leave my fears on the ground.
As we soar to the sky.
Its just you and I.

Oh, majestic dragon.
Please take me away.
Away from life.
Away from stress.
Away from fear.

Oh, majestic dragon.
How I envy you so.
You make my stomach drop.
And giggles pour from my mouth.
In that first exhilarating swing.

Let it lift your body up.

The author's comments:
Inspired by a photo taken at a small amusement park

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