May 1, 2010
By kminji GOLD, Woodbridge, Virginia
kminji GOLD, Woodbridge, Virginia
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Stress from trying to be something I'm not
An overachiever who knows anything and everything
Trying to fit into the crowd who will not accept the real me
How can I begin to accept myself?

Growing wary, psychosomatic even
I fall weak to the knees, everything turning blurry
I can't think straight
I feel like a knife's been through my mind

I wake up to feel sweltering heat
My sweat like beads on my forehead
I can barely utter a single word
I feel that my death is only seconds away

As I reminisce on the fake memories as my false persona
I start to shed away who I strived to become
To be the person who I was born to be
No longer hidden deep beneath me

The author's comments:
If you`re like me, who gets psychosomatic, then yeah.. Idk Dx Some people, like me, feel we aren`t our treu selves, that we`ve been altered by peers, so.. yeah...

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