Love`s Suffering

May 1, 2010
By kminji GOLD, Woodbridge, Virginia
kminji GOLD, Woodbridge, Virginia
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Love is poison in your heart
It never stops once it starts
The neverending pain
Will get worst as time passes

There's never someone that loves you
There will never be true love
Soul mates exist only in books
The "one" is only in your dreams

Every man only brings more sorrow
Worst then the man before him
There will never be happy endings
If love is there to ruin it all

Love is poison that contaminates your blood
Making you suffocate, to the point of suicide
Nothing will end in happiness with love involved
It is love that keeps the world from progressing

The author's comments:
For most, and sometimes I think this also, people think love only ruins lives.

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