May 4, 2010
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This Chain…
Your chain…
My chain…
It’s just melted metal hanging from a chainlink,
But lately it’s the only thing connecting me
To my sanity because
It keeps me thinking about my love,
My baby…
It keeps me from sinking into despair,
For somewhere out there I know you’re waiting for me.

Whenever I move,
This Jesus between my breasts
Pounds against my chest like another heartbeat
As if you’re right here,
Pressed against my skin so tight that
When I begin to breathe in
Your sinful scent thrills me,
Your warmth chills me,
My pulse quickens
And I start to sweat…

I get upset knowing you’re so far from me,
But baby this chain won’t ever let me forget
The man I’m waiting to see;
Waiting to be with and
I’m hating all this unnecessary complexity
Surrounding my liberty.

If you were here you’d have to agree that
Every choice I make and
Every step I take is toward the day
When my love and I can run away together.
I only pray that
-Like this chain-
My promises won’t break
And I won’t make mistakes
That would shake the stability
Of you and me.
But whenever I worry,
I see the chain glisten,
And I’m reminded that
Hope gleams even when it seems a certainty that
My dreams will never be made reality.
Then suddenly I realize the irony:
This golden chain has set me free.

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