Kiss Me Already

May 4, 2010
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You asked,
“Would it mess up your makeup?”
You were looking past the smalltalk,
Feeling smashed and chips cashed, you’re moving fast, her
Life seems nothing more than a
Beautiful disaster
I can’t tell whether you want this to last or
You just desire the touch;
You’re needing a feeling so much
That such trivialities as holding hands and mutual understanding
Are deemed unnecessary by lust

You asked if it would mess up my makeup,
And I was hanging on every word,
Yet all I heard
Was my heart thumping~
Can’t stop my skin from jumping
When our arms touch or our legs brush.
Sparks of electricity fly
When I see you, and I
Think you and me might get by together
Because it’s easy if you try.
I no longer want to fantasize-
So meet me on the rooftop right about sunrise~
We’ll make a memory I’ll replay ‘till the day I die.

You asked if it would mess up my makeup,
You didn’t ask if I wanted to
Because you already knew
I wanted you
You knew what’d be going down tonight
Because I wanted you,
I want you~
I do.
You were right.

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SecretSelf14 said...
Apr. 13, 2012 at 9:32 am

- awesome ! ... just awesome.




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