May 4, 2010
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Words are the single connection between thought
And action,
The constant distraction from actuality.
I’m often forced to ask to use them,
Ask for words,
Yet I can’t ask without them.

Sticks and stones can break bones,
But words ascend all this.
Words become stronger than the worlds that create them.
Then it’s the words that tear it all apart.
It seems like words burn the world down sometimes;
Word War 3,
But I don’t see why this has to be.
They’re just words;
Vowels and consonants and
Noises we make by moving our lips.

But they are alive-
That’s why we trip and stumble over them when we lose focus
Or how words always stay at the very tips of our tongue
When we really need them.
They have their own society,
With laws that govern exactly what each word can and cannot do.
There are expectations as to the ultimate purpose of each word,
Some being bigger, stronger, or
More important than others.

Languages and vernaculars are borders of little Word nations,
Giving personality and culture to the strings of letters.
Connotations are stereotypes,
Cliquing words together into friend groups.
Words just mill around, going about their day-to-day lives
Until someone decides to snatch them up for personal use.
We are Gods of Words;
We control their destiny.


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