Ode to the Bearded Ninja

May 4, 2010
By Token BRONZE, Marengo, Iowa
Token BRONZE, Marengo, Iowa
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The Bearded Ninja
Feared by all who oppose him
His feats are known worldwide
And not exaggerated in any way
He is the one that dictates when day turns to night
And night into day

The Bearded Ninja
He never turns off a light when he leaves a room…
He turns on the dark
For the act of flipping a light switch is far too trivial
And he prefers a challenge

The Bearded Ninja
He can shoot down a fighter jet
But he doesn’t use a gun
He thinks the use of guns is barbaric
He just points his finger
And says “BANG!”

The Bearded Ninja
He needs a concealed weapons permit
To put his pants on
For his roundhouse kick makes his legs
The most dangerous weapons to mankind

The Bearded Ninja
If you can see him
Then he can see you too
But if you can’t
He’s probably right behind you
You’re a few seconds away from death

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