Heart of the Outback

May 4, 2010
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Early dawn,
An eerie reddened sun ascends in the distance,
Casting a pale red light over the landscape.
The trees sway slightly,
Bark gnarled and twisted,
Leaves ragged – hanging downwards with weariness.
The rough red ground –
A curious concoction of sand and clay,
Spreads out like vast sea,
Small islands of moss and grass interrupting its flow.
To the west of the sun rise,
Giant rocks surge forth from the ground,
They observe always, but never speak
Craggy and crimson,
They stand like sentinels
Guarding the vast open landscape.
Two kangaroos hop across the sweeping plain,
Thick clouds of red bursting up
As their paws smack the earth.
They blend into the landscape well,
For as it can be found nowhere else on earth
Neither can they.
No one has settled out here,
In the outback.
And that might be why:
Nobody has the courage, or maybe the audacity,
To ruin its naturalistic serenity,
To risk disrupting its aw-inspiring beauty,
It’s symbolic of so much
The Outback,
The Heart of Australia

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