im a positive black person and you are?

May 4, 2010
By ladylucky BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
ladylucky BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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you never kno what you got good until its gone

I’m not a stereotypical black person
I don’t smoke don’t drink and speak with intelligent phrases
Got you so confused you’d think you were in mazes
So what I dance off beat
And instead of using my mouth to cuss you out
I use my feet not literally but I keep walking on your words
Because you’re just a sheep you watch TV and let what they say influence
How you see me I’m not skinny
Not light skinned with long hair and I sure don’t have a big booty
That all men stop and stare
I don’t talk real loud and I like to stand out in a crowd
I’m different
Different is that what you say I don’t look at magazines
And want to be the girl of yesterday
I’m your future doctor mother whatever I want to be I don’t let
The world put a label on me
Stripper, hoe, easy I don’t think so I intimidate
You when I walk you hear
the power from my voice when I talk
I know who I am
I don’t try to recruit clones because I’m not uncle Sam
I breathe in words and spit out poetry
I don’t pull out to make people listen to me I sit stare
And concentrate got you so worried
You want to take my place.
But I’m a positive black person here to clean
Up not my color but the entire
Human race

The author's comments:
it just came into my head at a bus stop while staring at black kids ditch school

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