Sir, I Don't Give a Damn

May 4, 2010
By sketch22 BRONZE, Clarence Center, New York
sketch22 BRONZE, Clarence Center, New York
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A break,
Five minuets
that’s all I get
I set my pack down,
Just to walk without that
God forsaken pack
But I am vigilant of it
Everything set just as I need it
Helmet and gun on top
Ammo and water next
Everything else is a luxury.
that’s what they told us.
And as always the bliss is all to short
A shot.
One shot and its like the gates of hell opened right up
Everyone rushes for their holes
Grabbing what they need.
The officer shouts at us to get our bags
And in al this fire, he’s concerned about our bags being shot?
What about us?
So in response I respectfully shout back
“to hell with the bag, sir”
A hoo rahh from my buddies as we fire back
He persists and barks at us to grab our bags before our tents get shot to nothing
And I say again
“Sir I don’t give a damn, I’d rather have a holey tent
Than a holey body!”
No appeal form the officer and I know I have made my point
And the fight goes on.

The author's comments:
Inspired by a photo of a soliders backpack.

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