The Elephant and the Donkey

May 4, 2010
By ZERR1992 BRONZE, Potosi, Missouri
ZERR1992 BRONZE, Potosi, Missouri
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The donkey and the elephant will fight the whole night,
The people of the land will chose the right.
The scent of competition in the air,
Smells like Martha’s angels pasta hair.
The elephant and the donkey have the same dreams,
But the process of the opposite extremes.
At sunrise, break of dawn
The two animals are passed out on the lawn,
Tired of fighting,
This must not go on,
Now to the house…The fight continues

The author's comments:
This is a project for my comp III class in high school. We had to write and find 20 poems based on a central theme. My poem is about two political parties arguing.

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