April 27, 2010
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Sare Jaha se acha
No not just the best of the lands, but also the planets is my mother,
Whose land contains the holy river,
Who knows diverse culture like no other,
My Mother,
Who believes in the sacred color red in marriage,
Who knows her heritage,
My Mother
Who knows places so care free,
And beautiful mountains that even you want to see.
I love my Mother.
Who knows how to make butter out of milk
And still wear silk.
My Mother
Whose movies are nothing but musicals,
And lets not forget soaps with over 500 episodes,
My Mothe,r
Whose land smells so refreshing after a light showers,
Whose people play in the rains and wears pretty flowers,
I love my Mother.
Who taught me to appreciate the wonderful architectures made for love
Although I see no dove,
Whose lands are so peaceful after night
My mother, Knows of places where you sleep looking at the stars.
My mother,
Whose beauty is sometimes discrete,
Were I see nothing but dirt on her feet,
Is my Mother.
Whose water tasting of clay is so refreshing and cool,
Whose lands wind blows on my face and just thinking of it makes me want to drool,
Whose wisdom is older than thee,
Whose lands cows and dogs roam free,
Is my Mothers.
I love my Mother:
Mother India.

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