The Feelings Unknown

April 27, 2010
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I can still remember the day you wrote me a letter

Telling me how you would always be right here beside me if

I ever needed anything, anything at all

But your feelings have changed like the ocean changes the path of which its waves flow

Now my feelings about you are unknown

Unknown because now Im unsure if you’ll ever be here when I need you

So far every time I’ve scream out for help

Like a helpless child you’ve ignored

Like people do telemarketers calling people’s homes whom of which

Those just wish to be left alone

Leaving me feeling lost like the gosh of Christmas pasted

Resulting in my despise of the hero I once thought you were

Something like my superman, that saves the day comes in from no where to save the day

When im in need, you said you’ll always be right there

But somewhere along the road you must have lost your map

Did the navigation system lead you the wrong way?

Or did you miss your exit because you never arrived to be here by my side

Now my feelings for you are unknown.

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