She'll never known

April 27, 2010
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This is to you because you’ll never known how much I miss you

Nor how much I care or

You’ll never know just how much I really wish you were here for me when

I couldn’t sleep because I stayed up crying for you to be here

Crying like I just lost a piece of my soul I’ll never get back.

I have secrets that lay deep inside my heart like lost treasure

You’ll find my secretes but,

Only if you have the map

But I just need one more favor:

I’m need you to hold my hand

I’ll only wish this once because

There’s only a part like this where

Only you & I can see & feel im need to

Ask you to hold my hand

As I walk this journey

Called life

Where im all alone in this big cold world

With no shield for protection

But there’s only one secret

Left that ill never able to share with you

That I love you & I thank you for

Putting your life on the line to bring me

Her into this big old world

Where most people loose their mind

If life brings them the experiences

They’ve brought me

I want you to known that

Ill always carry you with me where ever I

Go, I love you






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