May 2, 2010
By , Evansville, IN
I turn and see him approaching,
looking perfect in a white button down and slacks
I turn to Heidi and whisper the seemingly innocent coming
Only we find it chilling

We tell you, breaking through the rest of your family
And together rush to the bathroom
There he can’t touch you
You collapse against the wall, keeping it together just barely

Your cardigan covers the bruises,
The scary knowledge the three of us share
At least it’s not just for you to bear.
And as you turn on your wrists we see scars of gashes

Do you know how you’re strong?
I don’t think you notice how you’re little sister looks at you; you can do no wrong.
You brush it off; your life’s ‘not that bad’
And you make me see all the blessings I’ve had

We leave; for the bathroom there’s a queue
You go back to your family, a smile on
After all, none of them know how your father hits you
But we’re at your side, holding on
And we won’t leave until things are better.

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Squishy-Squish said...
Jul. 4, 2010 at 8:03 pm
→Good way to let your friend know what you really think. Bet she's real happy with a friend like you. Besides friends stick together, by the way nice work on your poem :)
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