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May 2, 2010
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I am from Cambridge
Where the music blasts from cars
It is the ambient sound

I am from music
Where the beats
Run along side my heart

I am from the starting line
Where the finish can be seen
But the end is never near

I am from the trail
Where the fork in the road is likely
Yet the path chosen is clear

I am from the life
Where the air
Is breathable

I am from the sky
Where the limits
Are unlimited

I am from the school
Where the voice
Comes after the hand

I am from the night
Where the shadow
Becomes lonely

I am from the earth
Where two arms and two legs
Mean normal.

I am from the phone
Where being across the world
Still makes me reachable

I am from joy
Where unkindness
Is not an option

I am from the day
Where the sun rises in front of me
And then sets behind

I am from the glass
Behind tinted windows
Hidden away and unseen

I am from love
Where even the harshest fight
Is forgiven

I am from family
Where summer is celebrated
With barbeque and watermelon.

I am from cousins
Where cherry pit fights
Are a memory

I am from confidence
Where nothing gets in my way
Not even the brick wall

I am from gum
Where chewing in school
Is forbidden

I am from promise
Where the action
Stands behind the words

I am from a dream
Where the pursuit
Is relentless

I am from the street “go”
Where the stop signs
Are missing

I am form red white and blue
Because the colors
Are my favorite

I am from the plant
Where the root matters
Just as much as the blossom

I am from team
Because you win like a team and
Lose like a team is significant

I am from friend
Because you’re never alone
Even when you’re by your self

I am from on demand
Where one thousand channels are
But only five are watched

I am from holidays
Where family gathers
And fun is easy to have

I am from failure
Because with in failure
There is a success

I am from art
Where colors surround ideas
And ideas surround me

I am from Donaldson
Where anything is possible
And everything is just the way
It should be

By-Seamus Donaldson

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