highway of life

May 2, 2010
On this street in town theres a park bench, i like to sit there on nice days and watch the traffic. Its a busy road so theres lots of cars. When a nice breeze go's by i feel it and i sigh and i remember life.I see cars and think of them as peoples lives. Some people are on the phone or doing something, and i think of desracted peoples lives, and how somethings bothering them. Then i see cars going past lights and those cars are like people who took a leap in life. Like the birth of a child, a new crush, or a new job. Then i see cars that are stopped by red lights and i think there stuck, Something in there life was tramadicly changed. The death of a loved one, the break-up of a love or losing a job. Put those lucky few that fly past a yellow light are the lucky ones with no problems. There just living.And i take a deep breath and think which car am i? which one are you?.......

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