Not Real

May 2, 2010
By DearlyBeloved BRONZE, Kearny, New Jersey
DearlyBeloved BRONZE, Kearny, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
"I dream of a better tomorrow, a tomorrow where chickens can cross roads and not have their motives questioned."

That girl I saw today,
the one on the news?
I think I know now
that she's not real.
At least not here,
not to all of us.
She can cry and smile
and laugh and starve,
but she's not human.
She's paper and ink.
Handed from person
to person every day.
She's a dollar sign,
She's money we don't have
and she's a donation we can't afford.
A cause we're not sure of.
She's just a number,
a percentile.
She'll make an impression,
she'll shock people,
only for a few seconds.
not long enough to change anything.
Just long enough to shake our faith.
Our hope wavers,
when we look into her eyes,
and see her pain,
when she has nothing to eat.
We can't save her.
it's too hard.
she fades from her memory.
when you think about it,
She's not real,
and she's just a number.

The author's comments:
The other day, I heard a quote by a man named Joseph Stalin. He said "One death is a tragedy, one million is a statistic." That really spoke to me. So, at three o'clock in the morning, i scribbled this in my notepad.

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