A Whole Not Healed

May 2, 2010
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I have half a heart and no soul.
I don’t belong here, as I am not whole.
I walk around just hoping you’ll show,
But unfortunately it’s always a no show.

Time goes by, but what I fell inside
Just doesn’t seem to go by.
My tears for you will never dry,
I will always have them in my eyes.

So as I feel this aching in my heart,
I close my eyes and drift apart,
Back to when I was whole,
Because now everything is leaving a hole.

That day you left, you took part of me.
It’s now up to you to decide what to do,
But for my sake hopefully one day, it’ll be on it right path for me to find.

You were a part of my life that broke my heart,
But it is something I will never regret.
Nothing can explain the feeling I get when I am with you it’s like we belong.
I hear your voice inside my head with a pain so strong.

It’s hard for me to be away from you.
Knowing I can’t be with you,
It tears me up inside.
All that’s left is this pain in my chest,
To remember it was no dream, and know it was real.

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